Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summit Tactical Sling

Our Summit Tactical Sling is the most versatile multi-configuration sling on the market. Not only does it work as a 2-Point Quick Adjust and a Single Point, but it utilizes high quality webbing that gives the user unmatched comfort and strength (our webbing has a 4000lb breaking strength) at an unbeatable price.

The single point sling gives the user more freedom to move the weapon around and shoot from either shoulder, all the while giving you weapon retention. Perfect for PSD, Dynamic entry, shooting from or getting in and out of a vehicle.

In order to use a single point sling most effectively, it is recommended that you get a sling mount that is located near the rear of the receiver of your weapon. In the case of the AR15, we recommend something like this, RH Carbine Sling Mount, and you will need an armorer's wrench or a Tactical CAR Stock Wrench.

For instructions on how to install the CAR Sling Mount Plate,CLICK HERE.

The 2-Point Quick Adjust feature is something that ensures the user has a comfortable way to carry the sling over long periods of time. The comfort doesn't sacrifice versatility thanks to the quick adjust feature and the ability to switch back quickly to the single point configuration.

Each of our Summit Tactical Slings comes with two loop adapters. These adapters attach to the weapon's sling mounts and allow the user to quickly attach or detach the body of the sling in a split second.

Our slings are in use by professionals around the world who demand the highest quality gear. We offer a lifetime limited warranty on all of our slings to demonstrate our commitment to high quality and long lasting gear.

As always, all of our Tactical Slings ship for free!

Summit Tactical Sling - $32 shipped

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